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Sewer Camera and Line Locator

pipeline locating

Does your sewer or drain have frequent backups?
Do you live in an older home?
Are your sinks and showers slow draining?
Constant garbage disposal and toilet clogs?

The issue could be blockages in your drains and septic lines flowing to and from your home. If your drains and septic lines develop significant blockage, then you’ll consistently struggle with backups, clogs and slow draining lines. As a homeowner, you don’t want consistent backups because that could lead to serious household damage and our team wants to keep your home protected from any serious damage.

What can we do to help?

Here at Peterman Plumbing and Heating Inc., we have exceptional sewer and drain jetting equipment and expertise to put to work for you:

  • Mini-push machine will detect issues with your drain and septic lines
  • High-grade jetter will clear your drains and lines of blockages
  • If you need new lines then we have powerful line locating equipment to find and replace lines

We come prepared with every piece of equipment to detect problems and resolve the greatest of plumbing issues you’re experiencing either at your home or commercial space.

How does our sewer camera work?

We use the advanced CUES MPlus+ to record and picture any pipeline. The equipment is truly remarkable, allowing us to record multiple views of pipes and drains, which we can then playback in the future to further diagnose issues.

Instead of us spending additional time and effort searching for blockages, we accomplish so much more in less time to determine where the issue is and then how we can resolve it. Our sewer camera does all of the hard location work for us, allowing us to focus on helping you get your home or commercial space back in working order.

How does our line locator work?

We us the RIGID SR-24 to locate all major lines throughout your property: sewer, gas, electrical, water, etc. The equipment allows us to map the entire area and know exactly where we can approach each line without interrupting anything else. Again, this saves us ample amount of time so we can address your most pertinent issues, and not disrupt any other line connected to your house.