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Keep Your Pipes Safe This Winter

January 6, 2015
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pipes in OhioHarsh wintery weather continues to pound most of the U.S. Even locations like Los Angeles have experienced colder-than-usual temperatures. Up here in Ohio, we’ve definitely experienced some cold days and we know that affects each and every one of our homes and commercial areas.

We know you’re probably hoping nothing goes wrong with your heat and your pipes. It could be disastrous if something does go wrong. So, today we’d like to share some insight about keeping your pipes from freezing this winter:

Let’s jump in:

1. Grab a Space Heater

A space heater is relatively inexpensive and valuable for the harsh winter conditions we can experience here in Ohio. Place a space heater in the rooms of your home or commercial space that have the most pipes running to and from the room—kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, etc.

Keep the space warm, not extremely hot. The key is to keep everything at a warm temperature. You don’t have heat to the space to an excessive temperature, just enough to keep pipes from freezing.

Open cabinets in each of these rooms so heat can pass to the wall and keep pipes from freezing.

2. Find Your Main Water Valve

In the event your pipes do freeze, you need to know where your main water valve is located. Why? Because you’ll want to shut off your water and keep spillage to a minimum. You’ll only experience a leak equivalent to the amount of water frozen in the pipe if you shut everything off. Of course, this is not ideal, but it will save your house from being damaged more.

You may also want to shut off water while you’re away from the home or asleep. This is a bit more drastic, but if you’re really worried about your pipes then shutting the water off while you’re not using it could be the solution. This is especially important if you leave your home for several days or a week. You don’t want to return to busted pipes and water damage.

3. Turn Up the Thermostat

If temperatures get really low, you might need to just bite the bullet and spend more on heating. Turning up your thermostat to heat the house or commercial space will help keep your pipes from freezing. Do this if you expect extremely low temps and want to be safe rather than sorry.

4. Slow Faucet Drip

Some people prefer to let their faucets drip a bit in order to keep water moving, especially warm water moving through pipes. Turn the hot water on to a very slow drip in your bathrooms and kitchen. This is a cheaper alternative to having your pipes bust and replacing them.

5. Insulate Your Pipes

The crawl spaces under your home are typically the most vulnerable. Pipes may not be properly insulated, so you’ll need to purchase some insulation from your local hardware store and fit your pipes with insulation, typically fiberglass.

Also, you can place heat lamps by major pipe connections within crawl spaces to reduce the possibility of freezing.

All right, it’s time to take action and make sure your pipes stay warm this winter season. Do everything you can to guarantee your pipes stay warm, and if they do freeze, shut off your water and search for possible weak areas in your system.

If you have any questions, concerns or need plumbing service, please reach out to our knowledgeable staff. We want you to remain comfortable and your home to steer clear of any possible damage this winter season.

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