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America’s Water Heater Rental



AWHR_Hot_water_tankAmerica’s Water Heater Rental

AWHR is a privately held company headquartered in Buffalo Grove, Illinois, servicing over 100,000 customers nationwide. Their program, started in 1988, has been providing customers with worry-free and economical hot water for over 20 years. Although their program is used primarily by residential customers, they provide water heaters for commercial applications as well.

How it Works

The AWHR Lifetime Water Heater Plan is an innovative concept combining quality equipment, plumbing professionals, and a service guarantee that supplies you with a lifetime of worry-free hot water for a low monthly fee. With their plan, you eliminate the costly upfront investment of purchasing a water heater, the ongoing expense for future repairs and replacement, and the uncertainty that comes from not knowing who will respond to your hot water emergency or when.